Alopecia Caused by Stress

Alopecia caused by Stress

It’s a known fact that Alopecia can be caused by stress. Also it’s possible that stress can cause hair to quickly turn grey. Any emotional stress, or pregnancy, or illness can have this effect on the hair and scalp.

Every hair follicle on your head alternates between a growing phase and a resting phase, and then the hair is shed to start all over again. There is usually a three-month delay before the hair is shed. But when it does there is a noticeable increase in hair loss and widespread thinning for a further three to six months.  It’s quite normal to lose around 40 – 100 hairs each day, but any more than this and it may be worth a visit to your doctor or a hair and scalp specialist.

Ann’s case history

Ann’s alopecia was caused by stress. She went through a very traumatic time when her husband suffered a heart attack; he was off work for four months and is now fit again and back at work. However the shock affected Ann so badly that she began to lose her hair and within six weeks had to resort to wearing a wig.

alopecia caused stressObviously she found this very depressing. But then she remembered reading an article in the local paper about my Hair Research Clinic in Eastbourne and decided to make an appointment.

I began her treatment with the Eucaderm Hair and Scalp Care Pack no.1 and very soon her hair began to grow again. She was so excited that she decided to make an appointment to have a hair-cut six weeks later. ‘It was marvellous to go in with a wig on, have a hair-cut, and then come out without a wig’ she said after the appointment.

Later, the local paper published her story with photographs showing her as she had been when she had lost her hair, and again when it had re-grown. I admire her greatly for having the courage to go public with her story in order to help others who have the same problem.

David Satchell S.R.H  M.C.H. M.inst.P.I.
Consultant Trichologist
Eucaderm Ltd