Boost your Immune System with TN25 Live Digestive Enzymes…

What is TN25 Live Digestive Enzymes food supplement?

Is it beneficial, or just yet another supplement? And why should a Trichologist be talking about a food supplement anyway?

How can you boost your Immune System with Live Digestive Enzymes? So many questions!

boost your immune system with live digestive enzymes

Well, one of the very vital ingredients in this supplement is the Live Digestive Enzymes. Live Enzymes are essential for our health – they are normally only found in raw fruit and vegetables and uncooked food.

The human body is born with a finite number of live enzymes, so as we age, our own supply of these enzymes diminishes. It’s an unfortunate fact that by the age of about 35 years, most people have ‘used up’ their allocation of live enzymes. Therefore it’s more and more important for all of us, but particularly as we age, that we supplement our diet with extra vitamins and live enzymes.

It’s probably best to explain the benefits of TN25 live enzyme food supplement by introducing you to Becky – a 16 year old girl, who had missed a lot of school owing to an ‘illness’ that no-one could put a name to.

Some of the symptoms Becky suffered were spontaneous breathing, severe tonsillitis, glandular problems and conjunctivitis. She was taken to the doctor who examined her thoroughly, and gave her many blood tests, but the results were inconclusive, and in the end the doctors could do nothing to help her… Watch Becky explaining everything here in this video:

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Try as we might it’s difficult to eat sufficient quantities of RAW fruit and vegetables.  Therefore supplementing our diets with  live enzymes and vitamins is an excellent way of ensuring we stay healthy.

So why should a Trichologist be talking about this at all? As we already know the key to healthy hair begins with a healthy body and I wholeheartedly recommend boosting the immune system using the Live Enzyme and Vitamin supplement TN25. It’s clear that this supplement also benefits the whole body.

The next video tells the story of Pauline’s autistic son. This little boy experienced a dramatic improvement after taking the TN25 Live Enzyme food supplement.

(Read the article here)

Within this Eucaderm Supplement is a unique combination of Vitamins,  Minerals and Probiotics, together with Live Enzymes which are essential for the absorption of the vitamins into the body.

TN25 Live Digestive EnzymesIt’s important to understand that it’s not just your hair and scalp that benefit from the Eucaderm range of vitamins and food supplements, but the whole body.

TN25 is approved by the Medicine Controls Agency (MCA) as a support to the Immune System

One important point to remember is TN25 food supplement should be taken with a cold drink, and ideally during or immediately after meals. (Never take with a hot drink – as heat will destroy the living enzymes)

By the way, if you would like to see what happens inside the stomach when taking the TN25 supplement, please watch this short video below – it’s quite an eye-opener!


The TN25 Live Digestive Enzymes food supplement is available by mail order from the Eucaderm Shop.

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David Satchell Consultant Trichologist

David Satchell
Consultant Trichologist