Diet for Healthy Hair

How Hair and Scalp Health is Affected by What we Eat

I firmly believe there is realistic hope for those who suffer from hair loss and other allied conditions, and I have spent many years researching these problems.  If you have read through the other articles on this website, you will have noticed two things being mentioned over and over again: the importance of stress control and a healthy, balanced diet for building general health, which in turn becomes your Diet for Healthy Hair.

In the last few years, our eating habits have come under the media spotlight … and we have all been encouraged to be more careful about the choice and preparation of the food we consume. Phrases like ‘We are what we eat’ (which I believe should now read:  ‘We are what we absorb’) are beginning to be seen as simple common sense rather than the ramblings of a few health food cranks, and in the treatment of hair and scalp problems, I can’t over-stress the importance of a good, balanced diet.

Let’s look at the essentials first

We need to eat some form of protein every day such as meat, fish, fowl, eggs or cheese.  Meat should be as lean as possible and it is wise to limit the number of eggs to not more than one a day and even then, nor more than three or four a week.  You should also avoid cheese with too high a fat content.
Whole-wheat cereals or whole-wheat bread are another essential, plus fresh, lightly cooked or steamed vegetables and at least one green salad each day, at least two pieces of fresh fruit and a minimum of six large glasses of water.

diet for healthy hairDiet for Greasy Hair

If you suffer from greasy hair you should drink a cup of warm (not hot) mint tea after your meals, plus a minimum of six large glasses of water each day.
Eat at least three pieces of fresh fruit every day.  Add fresh parsley and endive to your salads and eat plenty of raw and steamed vegetables.  Stick to low-fat protein like white fish and chicken.

Supplement your diet with Vitamins and Live Enzyme supplements, and remember that alcohol burns up vitamin B, so if you’re drinking any quantity double the dose.

As much as possible, avoid butter, cheese and milk.  Keep away from cream, fatty meats like lamb and pork, fried or processed foods and any food that is prepared or served in oil.  Avoid mayonnaise and salad dressings, nuts, eggs, pickles and ice creams.

Keep to these sensible suggestions for a low-fat diet and in time you will improve your greasy hair problems as well as your general health.

Vitamin and Live Enzyme Supplements

The correct use of suitable vitamin and live enzyme supplements can have a noticeably beneficial effect on hair loss and the condition of the scalp because hair health is directly related to your physical and emotional health.
TN25 Live Enzymes
A good Vitamin and Live Enzyme supplement such as TN25 can be added to a diet for healthy hair with particular emphasis on vitamin B.
(Scroll down a little on this page to watch the video and see exactly what happens inside the stomach when taking TN25 Vitamin and Live Enzyme supplement.)

Foods we should avoid

Obviously, there is also a list of things we should avoid, and this starts with fat. If you haven’t done so already, change to skimmed milk instead of whole milk and use only polyunsaturated, low-cholesterol or non-cholesterol margarine instead of butter.  You should always use cold-pressed, organic oils if you can get them because they have been processed less than other kinds of oil.

diet for healthy hairKeep away from cream, ice cream, high fat cheeses, fried food, pastries and chocolate, and cut down on salt and sugar – be careful of the hidden salt, fat and sugar that is added to sauces and pickles, canned and ‘fast’ foods.

I am aware that changing what might well be the habits of a lifetime isn’t easy.  You may have to start slowly, perhaps altering your attitude to diet by degrees and coming gradually to a full understanding of stress control.

As in most things in life, a little restraint, and common-sense goes a long way, and this applies to a balanced diet which in turn affects our hair and scalp health. Always remember your hair is an important barometer of what is going on in your body. Take notice of it!

Back again soon,

David Satchell Consultant Trichologist

David Satchell
Consultant Trichologist