Eucaderm Shampoos and Conditioners

Eucaderm Shampoos and Conditioners

Years ago during our research, we discovered that using natural oils, such as lemon, eucalyptus and orange oil – to name but a few – in our Eucaderm Shampoos and Conditioners, gave us many advantages. We found that the natural antiseptic qualities of the oils worked wonderfully on the scalp and gave the hair a beautiful shine.

The great advantage with Eucaderm products is that being non hormonal, non steroidal and completely formulated from natural ingredients, they are completely safe to use.  More here.

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Shampoo No 1 (200 ml)
Shampoo No 1 (200 ml)
Shampoo No1 is a low lather, highly sophisticated shampoo made with Lemon oil. This is a pure shampoo which cleanses the hair and gives it shine and body. The natural antiseptics make it an ideal shampoo for babies with cradle cap.


Shampoo No 2  (200ml)
Shampoo No 2 (200ml)
Shampoo No 2 is specially formulated for greasy hair and scalp. It is expertly blended with Orange oil which does not strip the hair like other shampoos, but leaves the hair fresh and vibrant.


Please Note: The Shampoo No.3 is currently Out of Stock.



Conditioner No 1  (200 ml)
Conditioner No 1 (200 ml)
Conditioner No 1 Is a smooth creamy liquid which has been blended with Jasmine oil to give the hair a smooth shiny texture.


Conditioner No 2  (200 ml)
Conditioner No 2 (200 ml)
Conditioner No 2 is a white silky liquid which has specially been formulated for greasy hair. It is the perfect partner for Shampoo No 2.


Conditioner No 3  (200 ml)
Conditioner No 3 (200 ml)
Conditioner No 3 is a fantastic conditioner. Its smooth green colour is a blend of all those herbs which make it the perfect conditioner to use after Shampoo No 3.


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